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Julie Malka, Au.D.

Julie Malka, Au.D.

Julie obtained her Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Florida. She is a board certified audiologist and has been an important part of Low Country ENT since 2004.

Previously Julie worked at High Point Regional Hospital, specializing in newborn infant hearing screenings.

Before practicing audiology, Julie taught English at universities in Europe along with some colleges in Georgia and North Carolina.

Julie is currently a member of:

Phillip Kirby, M.A., LPN

Philip Kirby, M.A., LPN

Philip received his degree from the University of Florida. Since beginning his medical career, he has had experience working in general medicine, internal medicine, and vascular surgery.

Philip has been with Low Country ENT since 2002. He specializes in audiograms, screening patients, and typanograms.

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